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Oklahoma Peak Performance Coaching Assignments 2021-2022

Oklahoma Peak Performance Coaching Assignments 2021-2022

We are excited to announce the coaching staff for 2021-2022. OP2's coaching staff is the most experienced and successful coaching staff in the state, as evidenced by over 105 national tournament appearances among its coaches. We encourage you to try and find a staff with more experience, state high school championships, and club post-season appearances. In addition, Peak has placed more DI, DII, DIII, and NAIA players in college than any club in Oklahoma, including eleven (11) Division I players in the last two years. CLICK HERE to see Peak's alumni.

10-1 EP                       Lynsey Coleman                     

10-2                             Ericka Scholl 


11-1 EP                       Randy Decker **                

11-2 National            Jordan Cramer                          

11-3                              Tamsin Hancock


12-1 EP                       Lisa Polcovich **                    

12-2 National            Lindsey Grace                          

12-3 National             Ryan Forgety                         

12-4 Select                  Jamie Shively 


13-1 EP                         Faith Avalos                  

13-2 National              Heather Erickson                     

13-3 American           Samantha Ethridge                       

13-4 American          Holly Beers                    

13-5 Select                  Drew Dobney


14-1 EP                        Jaclyn Burroughs                      

14-2 National             Drew McCarty                          

14-3 American           Bryce Boyland                         

14-4 American           Stephanie Erickson


15-1 EP                        Jeff Boyland **                      

15-2 National              Hayley Aquino                    

15-3 National              Kacia Sandburg                      

15-4 American           Bryan Mosley        


16-1 EP                       Will Ethridge **                    

16-2 National           Joe Skinner                              

16-3 American         Heath Kufahl 


17-1 EP                       Edgar Miraku **                     

17-2 National           Adriana Worth 


18-1 EP                       Greg Dewey **


Boys' Program - Older Boys' Team           Chris Rice                    

Boys’ Program - Younger Boys' Team  Hannah Christie                  


Director of Coach Development - Ellen Waterman


Board Member            Bill Hamiter**        

Board Member            Ellen Waterman**

**Board Members

It’s important when choosing a club to assess the quality of coaches that will be working with your child. OP2 provides the most experienced coaching staff in the state and one of the most experienced in the nation. Peak coaches collectively total over 300 years of coaching experience.

Peak coaches have coaching experience at the middle school, high school, Division I, II, NAIA, and NJCAA collegiate levels as well as the U.S. National Team Olympic level. In addition to the many years of coaching, our coaches have played on the collegiate level at Division I and II universities as well as playing on paralympic and international teams.


Is your child interested in playing collegiately? Peak has helped over 150 players continue their playing careers in college, including 100 in the last ten years and 11 Division I players in the 18-19 and 19-20 seasons!


In addition to numerous conference championships and over 100 Junior Olympic National Tournament appearances, Peak coaches have earned 16 state championships, one national championship, one High Performance championship, silver medals in the 2008 & 2012 Paralympics, two silver medals in the Paralympic World Championships, and one Paralympic gold medal in Rio.